1. Mind you all, the cops were on the lookout for a mentally unstable vet who threatened violence. They probably were trying to keep the area clear in case trouble, like a gun assault, started. Why is everyone anti-cop and anti-cooperation? WHAT does this uploader have to complain about?! They put their lives on the line everyday to protect. They're at that location under orders, until the area is cleared.

  2. terrorist

    1. a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation , especially against civilians.

    1. unlawfully using violence and intimidation , especially against civilians.

  3. Why do so many cops today dress for war with 50 pounds of weapons, ammo, flashlights, tasers and other shit hanging off their body armor and gloves ready for hands on combat? They complete the picture with shaved heads, tattoos and dark shades. Is it because they have small dicks?

  4. The audacity of someone in "authority" ,to demand that one"get the camera out of my face" when the officer is the one who approached the camera person (within inches, I might add), is staggering.

  5. The officer takes over 34 steps to infringe on this man's First Amendment right to film in public.
    The blatant disrespect this officer shows to the oath he swore to protect this man's rights.
    To enforce his will instead of the laws he's paid to enforce.

  6. " So they haven't found him yet?" "We can't discuss that with you". So I dont have the right ro know if a dangerous person is at large in the area…thanks a lot!

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