1. I really like the olive drab one, I really wish someone would change the game though and produce something that has that color (because the stainless looks good with that green) and be a tube mod, but make the damn thing adjustable like up to 100w or hell more (hint hint Mike)

  2. Yeah, I'd get it if it were a 20700 or 21700 battery mod. A single 18650 isn't gonna last long in a mesh coil sub tank that is rated up to 90W. They need to consider making it at Least 20700 (if not 21700) compatible. It looks like it could handle some punishment like the Jackaroo they just released. Maybe make a suggestion to them about the battery size issue, a .15 ohm coil is gonna take more power than a higher resistance coil would, so yeah, a single 18650 isn't gonna last long in that mod with that tank…or with any mesh sub tank for that matter 🤷🏻‍♂️ Bet if you used a dual coil RDA on it, it wasn't a great vape. This is all about looks imho 🙄 Not the best tube mod on the market, that's for sure. Maybe they'll make changes before it hits market….doubtful, but we can hope 🤞🏻

  3. Thanks for the review Mikeus Magnus! I just don't get it this day and age in vaping… 21700… 21700…217000…21700… 21700…. 3000 mAh… 21700, 21700… please already!

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