This Changed Everything: Ultimate Calisthenics Life Hack

The ultimate calisthenics life hack is upon us. Mimic a physical labour job and make gains faster like a farm boy 🙂 Monkey Strength Ebook …


  1. Yo , there is definitely something to it. There was a dude on Joe Rogan who said the same thing not to failure everyday ! It makes sense , volume and quality reps!

  2. Try this next. Workout once a week. Each weight movement set you want to do a maximum of 6 reps, lifting the maximum you can to get to failure in 6 or less reps. Don't workout for the rest of the week. The amount I could lift jumped up every week.

  3. I read something about the WimHoff breathing increasing EPO, which signals the body to make more red blood cells. Given that you are in the frozen tundra, i bet you could do some cool cold exposure stuff. You are so extreme I feel regret that I said anything. What could go wrong?……….

  4. i cannot believe it's still snowy where you are. I crave these april/may 60 degree F days. I absolutely hate the cold… lol will not be moving to canada

  5. Heres a good one. I quit smoking cigerettes and weed. Started eating healthy grapes, saldad, tomatoes , cucumber, beats , yogurt , apples all that shit and alot of water. 3 WEEKS NOW and have never felt so shitty and unhealthy in my entire life wtf is going on! Also eating garlic and oil oregano.

  6. I practice calisthenics, you’ve got some power, my routine is train every other day one week then every two days next, then back. Though I do 150 push-ups everyday, hopefully you’ll keep it up as commitment is the key 🔑 let’s see how you look next year

  7. Do your whole routine once. Then do it again the same or with slightly less reps. In 20 mins you will do twice the work and still not reach failure

  8. I have a job. I move, lift, turn, twist, squat..etc. Yet, I do not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you only push the body to a certain point… it will keep at that point… and not really develop further… because you have not stressed it to the point of doing so. A good example, is found in the martial arts. I know many whom have done mild stretching often… but never really pushed themsleves hard nor very long. Even after +10 years in the arts… they are not even close to being able to do a full split… let alone, simply touch their knees to the ground.. while doing a butterfly stretch.

    On the other hand… The amount of work performed, does in fact add up. I used to throw a few kicks in a row, all throughout the day… at various random times. By the end of each day… I probably had thrown anywhere from 600 to +1000 kicks. By the end of a whole month of that… I had well over 18,000 kicks. By training a certain skill to this level of dedication and intensity… I gained master-class level kicking ability, in like 3 yrs time… where as many other artists may have taken 15 years time… if Ever. But do realize… that it also including many daily sessions at home / school… such as spending an Hour kicking a heavy bag, without much, if any, resting periods. Each type of technique in the arts, often requires many different training methods in order to fully maximize the results. IE: Different Training drills + exercises for: Speed, Acceleration, Accuracy, Endurance, Strength, Impact, Conditioning (Bone+Tissue Density), Flexibility, Coordination, Balance, and more.

    In the example of stretching… many people pushed to the point where they felt mid-level resistance, and a little pain… held for a few seconds, and then backed off fairly quickly. As for me… I would dive into the fire… and keep pushing deeper and deeper into it… doing everything in my power not to back off and or give up. Id force myself with all of my bodies intensity… to keep there… and dive even deeper. Others would just do these mild bounces in and out of the pain… but never go deep… never hold for long… and never push / pull with all of their physical might and willpower. I used to come to class 1hr early, do a full leg stretch routine… and after class… I would repeat the same routine. I was nearly at a full split, in a mere months time (was down to a mere cm from the goal).

    One day, my teacher showed us a series of complex hand drills. There were like 10 different drills, and each drill had like 3 to 5 different sequences / movements within them. We did these in class ever few days… but I would train them like every 15 to 30 min or so… all day / night long. I would typically pick one sequence to work on… and each time I decided to do it… I would do like 5 to 10 complete reps in a row. I had fully mastered the whole 10 sets, in less than a months time… to the point where my teacher's Spirit was pretty much crushed, after seeing me do them far better than he ever did / could. He had known and trained them for like 15 years… and was still not Master-Class at them… because he never trained them to such an intensity level. Even though physically… he likely had multi-thousands more reps in total over me… these reps were not concentrated enough to get his results to the level that I had attained. Not even close to it.

    I used to get a lot of bad attitudes from various other artists / students… because I used to be so serious about my craft… that I believe it made them feel lazy, as well as jealous. Still, they could never fault me for my results… nor could they match or exceed them… as they simply were not dedicated enough to put in that level of intense work into it.

    As for Two Handed pushups… if you REALLY want a challenge… make two "thumbs-up" hand-signs, and place them thumb to thumb / knuckles to knuckles. Place these both in the center-point of your chest's sternum. Do these bare-knuckled on the floor… About 10 seconds up, and 10 seconds down (or longer)… and attempt to do a set of 15 consecutive "Wing Chun / Vertical Fist Pushups". Make sure that your arm always travels a straight line path.. so that your sternum is ALWAYS centered over the wrists. Also… very important: Keep the Elbows / Arms tucked tightly at the bodys side. You do NOT want your elbows to fly ourwards like chicken wings, away from the body. It helps if you start out by intentionally scraping the arms against your own ribcage at first, with excessive inward pressure. Eventually, keep the pressure loose, but the arms/elbows still tucked inwards.

    What you will notice:

    1) Placing yourself on centered fists causes your whole body to be much higher in the air… and that means a much longer travel distance.
    2) Because both arms are centered, its very much like a single arm pushup… and has longer travel to boot.
    3) Your knuckles will sting and cry in pain… until maybe a month or two of this exercises conditioning.
    4) Doing these at such a slow pace, means you can not use momentum to cheat. You will develop faster, and more completely.
    5) Results will be far more dramatic, and in a fraction of the time of standard pushups.
    6) The type of strength gained, translated to much more useful and realistic areas… such as rolling a bowling ball more accurately… or, for example.. a vertical fist punch / palm, in self defense.
    7) The slow motion training develops strength more equally, all though the full line of travel. Meaning… you will have far more strength, anywhere along the path from chest to full extension. It also will be surgically precise, in its developed accuracy.
    8) Tendons / Joints / Connective tissues… all will develop to much stronger and denser levels.

    – Make sure to breath very long slow and deep breaths… all though the exercise. Inhale while rising up… Exhale while going downwards.
    – Do not hold your breath at any point… and, do not make any monkey grunts / groaning noises. Stay disciplined with proper breathing.
    – Try not to take any rest during the set… as that rest gives the muscles time and energy to recover. That will rob you of developing endurance, and far greater strength + results.
    – If your muscles start to fail… do not worry… and let yourself fall upon your arms… then quickly rock back up on to your knees, back into the starting position… and keep the set going. This means, you will probably resist for only a tiny part of the motion before falling again… but thats ok. Its the resistance of even slowing yourself down a bit… that is still greatly adding to your development. Just try to complete all 15 pushups at all costs… even if you have to resort to only being on your knees… rather than a fully extended torso.

    – After one 15 rep set… get up… and roll your arms a few times in some large circles. Shake your arms and fingers, and get blood circulation back into the arm and fingertips. Take a 2 min break at max… and then attempt two more sets, for a total of 3 sets (15 x 3 = 45 pushups).

    This Vertical Fist pushup drill, will give FAR better results than if you did over 500 standard pushups.

    One of the secrets you will learn here, will start to make you realize why arts like Tai Chi, Utilize long, slow, controlled, precise forms. Done properly… the strain on the joints and body… develops one into a true beast, having incredible full body "Internal Strength". (These forms are meant to be done for a minimum of 1hr sessions, and typically are done at least 3 to 4 times a week, minimum)

  9. Hey brother ,.. your country man has the same philosophy and he is one of the greatest athlete of our generation (gsp) go watch this interview with his trainer Firas Zahabi and Joe Rogan (i get the clip that talks about this specifically)

  10. Just food for thought normally when you train everyday you change up the exercises a little bit more. That way even though you're training the same body part it's in a different movement pattern so it doesn't inhibit recovery. Say on legs you might do pistols one day lunges the next sissy squats another. Change grips on pull ups and maybe throw in some dips for chest. I'm pretty sure the snake guy rotate exercises in and out also.

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