1. Nick that was real sucka shit. Your trying get Jay me toed. That's how everything got started with Bill Cosby by Hannibal Burress with a joke. Dude you have Skeltons in your closet and you want to through another black man under the bus. That was very foul dude!!

  2. At the end of the day Dame isn't lying thats how old female rappers started back then. Lil kim always tells the story of how she had to wait a little over a yr to sign her contract cause she wasn't of legal age yet so the Foxy Brown thing was NEVER newsπŸ™„

  3. It is so fucking sad and disgraceful to learn about your most favorite music artist participating in this nasty shit. I loved me some Jayz but now i dont feel the same way and frankly its making me so upset, sad and disappointed. These niggas knew about these minors and still didnt say a damn word. No pulling niggas to the side to talk, no refusal to work with these artist and worse, possibly participated in the shit. Im so let down right now its like damn who is there left to trust? To have morals? Is money and fame that important to them that they can turn a blind eye? I didnt think id feel this way about people i dont know but these songs i grew up on, music my mom played and i grew to love. Its a fucking sad day in music

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