1. roadkill skunk was my first trimming experience back in I think it was 93. I was lucky that my best friends parents had 2 houses on a private way. I remember the roadkill stunk so bad it burned your eyes and it was hard to breath after. while. back in the 90s my Friends parents where using a super soil style recipe. to this day not there skunk but there oh kush they had was the most terpy bud I have ever tasted.

  2. Hey Sub, Man its So NICE to See MZ. JILL Next to ya, And she LOOKS So Much YOUNGER with Out her Glasses ON That's Cool Bud.. Thanks Mz. Jill for Coming Out to SEE SUB!!!! He has Been Waiting for this for so L O N G I Bet !!!! And the Next time you go out to BUY Q TIPS to Clean Out your Dab Hitter get the Johnson's Safety Swabs they are a lot Bigger and they are Better easier to Use (just a Tip) Should try sometime..THANKS TO YOU BOTH for a Good Show !!!! And Bless to ALL THE KIDS In SAN BERNARDINO !!!!!!!

  3. Awesome show! Love seeing the two original Weed Nerds back together again! Mz Jill without shades??? Sub I don't know if you noticed but you are glowing in this episode! It's always hard to be without your better half and favorite person to smoke with!

  4. Sub- Best live stream you've done so far, It's almost energetic seeing you two together and how you guys compliment each other. Peace, love, and big budz homie

    Colombian Weed was loaded on planes 30,000 lbs grossed out @ $325 lbs $25 covered pilot and offload $350 wholesale $400 you were high on the food chain bro.

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