1. Once long ago I too cloned this way…
    U should try same thing but leave extra leaves(they will grow into branches) and instead of the 45° cut at the bottom cut up the stem splitting it into 4 = fingers about an inch ta two up the steem depending on how big your clone iz.
    P.S. if you ever walk in your garden and break a branch off U KAN cut the branch same way put in pot and watch grow(with water/nts) 2 of course.

  2. Im a new grower (outdoor grower) i live in jamaica the temp is perfect out here can i apply this cloning technique to an outdoor grow with the same success rate because this would increase my production rate

  3. Its all about experimenting, 90% dont use clonex or other root stuff with dwc cloning. Also just ph the water correct 5.5/6.3, no nutr. Adding. Looks healthy and quick anyway, nice roots 😉

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