1. Something I don't like to d is bring things to my garden. not even worms… when I had bought plants from a nursery, always check around under the leaves, stem, for any type of insects. that can be from down the street… well I would never want to ship things in from farther away. there is already worms there though. I would hate to live some place that is barren and needs everything imported from abroad… but you can make your native populations sick…

  2. Yo kali quick question on this can I add worms to my 20 gallons or is that to small I dont wanna kill the warms . I have tons of nice worms in my backyard soil is full of them I was wondering can I add them to my pots and about how many. Thanks brotha 👍

  3. Quick question…been an indoor guy for 15+ years and just getting wet with outdoor. Understand the need for the cage support but isn't it hard to check for Caterpillars especially. Had huge problem with them before down here in SoCal and have to think you guys deal with the same bug issues. Any suggestions would be helpful. Keep rocking the grow. Cheers!!

  4. if your growing weed for a living i can understand taking it as serious as this guy with the worms and the teas and all kinds of stuff. but if your just a casual smoker i just want you guys to know that this is really over kill and spending way too much money on just some weeds to grow. you can grow good plants just using ph balanced water and some miracle grow. this dude is a fanatic and is probably doing this for a living. no need for all this.

  5. There is an ex president's brother that became a millionaire growing worms, Carter Farms and I believe it's still in business. Back in the distant past I sent off for info on how to raise worms for fun and profit by that company, it was fascinating , they double their population every 60 days. I read how they wont their leave their beds if they got good stuff to eat like mulch and leaves and etc. I also seen a you tube video on a family that started growing worms and had to hire help and get a tractor and were making tons of money supplying worms for bait shops. I'm lucky to live in the San Joaquin Valley in Ca, I got a sandy loam that is full of some big ass worms, almost the size of Louisiana night crawlers. They are not red but grey and 10 times the size of red wigglers. After a rain There is little mounds of worm poop above ground all over my yard as they tunnel deeper and do their thing. When I was on the island of Bohol Philippines they had worms that wer a foot long, looked like snakes. My Philippine wife said the natives eat them. I wonder if I can find a book on earthworms, I luv the little guys. Let's grow, Rando

  6. Spent about an hour catching worms for my compost buckets last night. You'd die if you saw how loaded with worms the soil in my backyard is. Just fruits and vegetables in the backyard garden for now!

  7. Thanks for the kick-ass video, bro! ✌️😎

    I'm starting an indoor organic grow for the first time. I'm just using everything I learned from you, man! I can't do outdoor because I have no fence, but a buddy is actually giving me over $10,000 in grow equipment to help me get started with building an in-door grow. I'm super excited, because I really do need my medicine! Thanks for everything you've taught me, man! You're a pretty awesome dude!

  8. What up growmie. I got a few plants I plan on putting outside in the coming weeks but I notice one of them has had a couple thrips on it after I already sprayed it with neem oil a couple times. What can I do stop this early on? I have neem seed meal, insect frass, and aloe concentrate. The clones are a little over 2 weeks old.

  9. That would be so cool it always makes buying something like that easer if you see and hear about it first hand since your a 2 wheel guy sure would trust a review from you thank you

  10. Another great video from Kali,step by step process for u to get your weight up not your weight pushed back.Love it man cant wait to incorporate soil food web to my grow..its gonna be fn beast mode!! Lets go people! Get out there and grow something the way nature intended!Mother-nature is undefeated bro all tko's!!

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