1. Really nice, man. 2nd year pure organic dezert grown farmer. Climate in SoCal on the edge of the Mojave is tough. Been following your tips as best as I can, really helpful. My biggest issue is extreme dry heat. This is my 2nd year and have 3 week old White Widow, which I believe should handle the heat and should be small, maybe 4'-5'. Also have 3 week California Dream. Just for me so 20gal pots will be their homes. If you can ever talk about hydration it would be great, never enough. Appreciate you and this channel.

  2. My seeds that I started on March 14th are very small and weak looking. I kept my t8 lights about 18” away from them an they look fried so I just raised them up a good amount. I’ve watered them maybe 5 times. The first 2 was with NON PH’D distilled water and the next was with filtered NON PH’D well water and the last 2 was with PH’D well water. The well water was originally 9.2 PH 😢. I’m thinking that severely stunted them. For the past 10 days I was hoping they’d snap out of it but they’re just chilling not doing much of anything really. I keep hoping they’ll get right an start to grow.

    I’m gonna grab some clones around the 20th if they do t pick up the pace.

    Does anyone know if they are growing super duper slow if they snap out of it will they even be worth growing out? I don’t want them to seem ok but grow slow as fuck all year 🤷‍♂️

  3. Yo Kali things are looking great on your end. I am 2 weeks behind you. I have 10 65g pots with all the organic goodies and worms of course. Thanks for all the info and time your putting in on your Channel.👍💯. What do you have your t5 timer at! My is at 6am -8pm do you reduce time in the morning or evenings. Thanks bro

  4. Your starting them inside right? What type of set up do you have to get them that big? How old are they? I got seedlings that are still small. There like two weeks old though lol.

  5. Hey dude. I just found the traditional Korean farming method and I think you will love it. Check out Chris Trumps' youtube channel (no relation). There are some awesome organic farming methods you could use

  6. Hey Kali have you ever grown Kandy Kush? Its really good bud wiyh a slightly sweet taste. Im growing my first one. So wish me luck brother. Ill send you some pics if you would like to see. Much love growmies of the world!

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