SukiHana: Lil Kim Is My Mother + Weighs In On Cardi B and Reacts To Comparisons

Delaware born/Atlanta residing rapper, SukiHana, sits down with DJ Smallz and reveals if she cares what people think about her, shares the keys to her success …


  1. I am sorry but, no you couldn't top Cardi. You say that they or whoever shouldnt start beef between you and Cardi but I am pretty sure she don't even know you exist. That shouldn't be the only question that should worry or get you mad about. There are other questions that I KNOW you would be more interested in answering.
    You say you doing it classy, waht about you is classy, and CHRISTAN, REALLY

  2. She gonna get Sergey gawd they think they need it like it's gonna be a good thing no one wants to fuck a fake booty and your ignorant ass personality and you think you sell dope dope Della stfu I sucked dick so I'm something AND CARDI IS TRASH AS FUCCC and "turned to CHRISTAIN" TF tryna really be something and keep telling gawd dyyyyam annoying little ass sucker think she rich clout chasing gawd dam

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