Successful Hydroponics agriculture in Punjab,india

Farming without soil and without ground water in Chandigarh! Watch the full video – you will be surprised! Somveer Singh Anand, a former banker from …


  1. pa g, i am also a banker and from last one year was conducting research on this type of project. fortunately i have seen your video… please do let me understand clay and material (soil) make. i will start in next 2 months time.

  2. Brilliant sir, so inspirational. I was searching for hydrophonic systems (just out of curiosity) and so happy to see a bright young Indian, Punjabi (who left his banking job in US) doing all this with such planning, care and efficiency.. They have used every type of system – from leafy veggies in tubes, to bags for potato to the vertical tower for strawberry. I found all of these in my research. And they even make their own fertilizer from scratch, wow. It is things like these that will change india.. Jai hind!

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