Risk Assets Have Front-Run Reality (w/ Tian Yang) | Expert View

Risk assets have rallied aggressively in the first quarter of 2019, in what appears to reflect an anticipation that global central banks will repeat the reflation trade …


  1. I suppose more or less a useful explanation for discovering the measurement of the market….!!! But man… the jargon in the language he uses in his talk… jeez…! making sense of it all frustratingly challenging!!!

  2. What is the meaning of, "the probability that the bull run is over", and the point about a double bottom? Key trades depend on QE not being re-introduced, if it is everything goes opposite.

  3. You have 100 people in the world that control the majority of the market. Then you have the 1% who are feed many of the info. Then you have the 20% who will tried to predict what the handful of people will do. Then you have the 80% who are enslaved and are at the mercy of this few. This is the end game. We are moving to a new way of life. The economy will not slow down until it will happen. Good luck bears.

  4. I'm amazed at all of the positive comments without specifics. Can someone reference one insight he shared that was worthy of praise? I went to the full transcript and found nothing, except for several grammatical errors (this guy is hardly eloquent, maybe an exceptional ESL person at best. If English is his first language, I totally smh).

  5. Very intelligent guy with real depth of knowledge. The delivery is sober and understated. The thing is, given the scale of debt in the UK (£1.6 tr.), Japan, Europe, China ($10 tr.) and the US ($22 tr.), a bear market will create a disaster of biblical proportions, maybe not experienced since the bronze age collapse of 1200 BCE.

  6. Quite intelligent. However, when the federal reserve (private institution, not government owned or run) wants to crash the market or lift it to new highs, its for the benefit of their handlers/owners. The above rambling would be right on the nose if we actually have a free market BUT WE DO NOT!!! So we lemmings are at the mercy of the elites.

  7. A well spoken thesis on the bear argument for the future of U.S. markets. I also enjoyed the insights into China. I agree, I would be interested in a repeat interview in 6 months time.

  8. Fantastic interview. You should have him on once a month (or more). He's a no BS kind of guy with a strong ability to see the world through a unique lens.

  9. 👍 interview ! This 👦 is much smarter than me, but I don't have the balls to buy put options right now (even if the vol is low etc). And the idea of hedging with futures is too complicated for a retail investor like me. My strategy is to use triple leveraged etf only, no hedge. What do you think about this ?

  10. Very talented young man. Speaks clearly and articulates well. Very little prompting or stopping to reflect on his thoughts. Genuine knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

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