1. After a lot of time having a hard time opening the pod i was gonna give up but i finally figured out the easiest way ever! BEHOLD Use a flat head and heat it with a lighter then melt the stupid annoying plastic notches! Enjoy!

  2. TIP: For those of you who are struggling to take the metal piece off, do not force it off with pliers or such. What you can do is take a lighter or a candle and a flat head screw driver. You will notice on the sides of the pod there is the little notches holding on the metal piece. What you should do is heat up the very end of the flat head screwdriver and melt those little notches away and pop the metal piece off. I promise the metal piece will still go back on. This is good because it saves you a lot of muscle pain and a lot of time. Works very well. Done it with 2 pods.

  3. After about 15 minutes I finally got the metal plate off one and successfully rewicked it. But now, two hours, three pods, and a bloody hand with several stab marks later, I can't get any of the others off no matter what I try. All the videos make it look easy but at this point I would rather just go buy the damn pods.

  4. Thank you so much dude. This will for sure save me a lot of money on pods and it fixed the crackling sound I had before. Almost no crackling now and hits smooth and hard asf now.

  5. Cotton bacon works amazing, this video is gonna save me money, i would go through a cool every week and I’ve been using the same pod for 3 weeks just changing cotton when I see it get a little bit discoloured. Thanks a million boss!!

  6. Do I have to use organic cotton I understand regular 100% cotton had pesticides but I when I use regular cotton it taste very very bad any ideas why I also let the juice soak for an hour before hitting it

  7. A lot easier to just spend $5 for a new one.. lol. If you make anything above minimum wage, there's no reason at all to remake these pods. Regardless, brilliant video and this was very well done. You're really great at explaining things in an entertaining and concise manner without the video being 30 minutes long.

  8. My coil is beyond fucked, black and charred and shit but I’m really not tryna buy more pods, rewicking took away the burnt taste, so i guess I’m all g. Metal casing was a bitch to get off. Took 30 minutes til I found the right angle of approach. Anyway great vid, thanks heaps‼️

  9. i rewicked mine today using some stray cotton balls around the house. they weren’t in a particular bag so i’m not sure why they were but after some research i’ve read it doesn’t matter what cotton you use but it might affect the flavor? anyway, i rewicked mine and had no trouble doing it today so thanks a lot!

  10. Thank you Bro, You saved me 10$ works like a charm!!! first time i forgot the silicone step because i was going off memory instead of rewatching….cannot stress the importance of that! Came back and rewatched!!

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