Gorilla glue #4 feminized autoflower, day 29 veg. 2.6 gal pot. THIS STARTED TO HAPPEN RIGHT AFTER I WATERED IT WITH NORMAL PH (to give a break …


  1. If it's a photo period plant you need to transplant into a bigger pot also don't water every 3 days unless your soil is dry about an inch deep because soil holds water more than coco so you don't have to water as often good luck tho it's still a nice plant just be patient and get her a bigger pot. It does look like over watering so try cutting back on that for sure. Ps. Alternate back n forth between watering and feeding otherwise you'll get build up in the soil and cause nutrient lockout

  2. looks like your plant experiencing nitrogen excess but just started giving the sign. it is transitioning into flower and PH 6.0 is not good in soil at this time unless you are doing hydroponic. next watering increase your ph to 6.2 and gradually increase it to 6.4 at week 3-6 flower(Phosphorous uptake very important at this stage) and 6.5 at week 6-8 flowering for soil grow to help with maturing the flower with potassium. If you wanna know why? PH 5.8-6.4 is the Nitrogen intake and 6,2-6.5 is the PH for PK (phosphorous and potassium). from here I can tell your plant is having a hard time because nitrogen is all available after the watering while it needs higher phosphorous to start the preflowering stage.

  3. What strain is it. Some strains do that not much to worry about could be a boron defeciency which is another not to worry the man 420 it is not root bound at all so dont transplant yet.. also twisting of new growth is normal mine do this
    Also its nothing to worry about plant looks
    Very healthy to me bro if it was root bound your leafs would be turning yellow and dieing off pretty bad keep her in that pot she is fine for right now

  4. Bro I'm pretty your your pot is too small. There is root bound. Its a photo? Im pretty sure it's one. So you need to transplant it in a bigger pot. If it's an auto you have to transplant it with extra care. Just make sure you don't give shock to the roots during transplanting cuz autos need extra care. If they get too much shock… They will yield less. But anyway transplant it.

    And i don't think its over watering. But always remember before you water just place your finger on the surface… If there are soil which sticks to your fingers then the soil is moist.. Don't water it.

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