1. A deliberate
    abortion is made for the purpose of killing a human being before it is
    naturally born. It is a very grave sin which defies the fifth commandment
    "You shall not kill."

  2. goodbye illinoise and yes I spelled it noise!!!! you broke my heart both these idiots are turds only pritzker is going to raise taxes I was waiting to see who was going to be elected now I'm packing my stuff as I type this and I'm taking my money with good luck!!! your gonna need it!!!!

  3. I think it’s going to be awesome when Pritzker raises taxes by 7%. And this is his start he said he may raise it over time so who knows what it will increase to. I really wish we had Rauner but it’s sad to say that JB Pritzker will be our governer for the next 4 years.

  4. This wasn't a race, this was a massacre. 54% to 39%. LOL. Go, JB. Welcome as the next governor. Rauner has a lot of room to talk about scheming and hurting citizens. JB hasn't killed anyone. Elderly people died because Rauner cut their public assistance that they needed. He didn't care about those people in need, because he had his millions and was fine. He's a murderer and should be in jail.

  5. Pritzker and Madigan are in bed. At this point it doesn't matter WTF wins. Ill-inois LOSES. The Public sector WINS! Tax increases. Better Public pensions. Public used to mean the population. Now it means the Government. Ill-inois has THREE X as many Government units as the state of Texas. Texas is THREE X the size of Ill-inois. Every freak'n tax increase in the last 20 years has been to support the Public pension system.

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