1. Shalom brother! I peeped the tassels ; )………… Ya'll are such a blessing, encouragement and inspiration to all of us who want to connect and live off the land. Thanks for being you! option #3 BUT were the stainless steel table parallels with the sink, like an island.

  2. Oh, I agree with option 4 (Apron Acres). You aren't feelin' it now (!), but, 'down the road' you'll be happy with less steps! 😮  I flipped out when I saw your cabinets!! I have the exact ones, with some extras: 3 more overheads and one large set of double drawers (4 on each side). I think they are great. We got them (cheap) from a warehouse storage sale. Thank you both for all the great videos. I'm slowly working my way thru them.  🙂 🙂 Wishing you a perfect 2019.

  3. I love this!! My husband and I have been wanting to do an outdoor kitchen and this fuels my creativity. You guys are great!! You are living the life we are striving towards. Thank you again for all of your informative videos!!

  4. I loved watching the kitchen build start to finish videos. So much good information. Hopefully sometime when you have classes, I can be there. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I think option 2 is the best because that way you have something to set your food n cooking utensils down on while your cooking out. Plus like Stacy said, you can put some bar stools or chairs on the other side so people can also sit there and talk with you as you cook and then eat as well afterwards. That's the way I would do it because when I cook out I have absolutely nothing to set everything down on as I'm trying to cook out. Very aggravating. So I think you would benefit the most with the table turned at an L.

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