SEAN IN THE CITY I take you on a tour of my top 5 Coffee shops /Cafes In Brighton! Top tip’s for when you visit 🤗 Enjoy & mucho love for coming over to my …


  1. I'm a new student here in brighton and I'd love for you to do shops, hidden gems etc. of brighton because I want to explore more but I don't know what their is!! This is amazing!

  2. Iam coming on holiday to Brighton next year for my 50 birthday with my family can u show us the best thrift shops as they all like vintage designer wear many thanks Ann Marie 😊

  3. Nice video Sean! Just have a little suggestion for you: wouldn't it be better to film this kind of video during a week or so?:) In some parts it felt a little bit rushed and it would be so much nicer if the video contained more bits of you showing interior, menu and other little bits of a coffee shop:)

  4. Hey Sean, I've been watching since you first starting posting content – I've been absolutely loving this style of video from you lately, I totally respect your taste and style mate. What a channel, noice work.

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