1. Is there a strain that you know of that haze that old school frankincense smell with wood kind of like the haze I use to get in the 90s on the east coast usually found in like ny or Surrounding states

  2. And to the maker of the video I'd recommend Diego pellicer any day of the week cannabis City on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and ganja goddess all three of those stores are within a 5 block radius of 4th and Lander and then Ruckus up on Capitol Hill are some of the places I found to get the best bang for your buck especially Diego pellicer anyway I hope that helps some

  3. Was up in Lake City today and urban elements was closed cuz it was the first day of the year but Greenworks was open across and up the street and I went there and got an $8 gram a strawberry banana by Cascade something I can't remember the full name but it was fucking good and I have been to herb (n) elements and they are just on the whole way if not the most expensive one of the most expensive weed stores I've ever been to

  4. This is a much easier-to-watch video than most of the weed videos I've seen. I wish the others weren't so annoying. It really detracts from learning anything about the strains.

  5. I've had it in shatter and just got the flower,there both very good,nice sweet Mango smell and taste with a skunk undertone,I love it,not much of a sativa guy but this strain is very good.

  6. I prefer the indica verities. Where I live, you don't have a choice. You get what you get. Great video. Do you stop by the herb store and pick something up for the day? Or do you stock up?

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