1. Great info, thanx Dan! just one little thing that makes it slightly hard to follow you ( you do speak quite fast) it would make it easier if you used the names or at least the first part of the names of the different Companies you are talking about, instead of their Initials (because maybe you don't realize it, but you have followers outside of the US and CDN) It would be great if you could take that into account. Cheers! (love your goats : )

  2. Thank you Dan, appreciate the bigger picture insight. I am aware of and watching so many more variables since I started watching your videos, it's like I was trading in the dark before.

  3. Dan thanks for the video and blocking out the sun. GTII hasn't seen significant upward price movement I am assuming due to impending share unlock. Would appreciate if you could cover it in your video tomorrow night if possible. Thanks. (GTII+TRST+MMEN FTW)

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