Marijuana and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Since legalized Marijuana is kind of a new thing, Parsifal and Jake decided to make this video to talk about some of the adverse effects of using it while having …


  1. I've on tried it twice and I don't know what type they were. All I know is both times I kept blacking out and ending up somewhere different than where I left. I got really panicky to the point I felt like maybe I should go to the ER 😳😕
    I did have a safe person with me at least.

  2. I find this kind of interesting. Only because I have Tourettes & I smoke to calm my tics but then if someone else's front the body starts convulsing like I am having a tic attack. Usually if I haven't smoked no other alters tic except for one.
    Also recently I have noticed one of our littles front alot more after I smoke ( I kind of the think it is due to me trying to limit her from fronting.. Due to certain issues. I cannot hold her back after smoking & there seems to be some disconnect between us.
    Anywho another good video.

  3. This is honestly hella educational thank you! But just a warning, taking depression medication and using mugwort at the same time can cause some issues so please be careful! But yea, awesome video dudes 👌

  4. First would like to thank you for this video.
    We have told the hubby that it doesn't work the same on us. then found out about our DID. He never believe us when we said it didn't work the same. Just like we cant see in three D ….idk Now it is nice to have something to show him hey its not just me.
    Just found the channel and can not wait to watch more. Take care

    Find one thing a day to make you smile.

  5. Dutch government fails hard and only has one indica available and 4 sativa strains. We have more legally available in coffeeshops then medical! So disappointing. Tourism focused here. Blegh. And their one indica strain sucks and it has very low THC and less than 1 procent CBD. I am successfully using a sativa strain that my government makes available as medicinal weed. We use a vaporizer. We also use CBD oil since our government also fails to put CBD in their medical weed. Only one pharmacy in the Netherlands makes it and its 90 dollars for a bottle, which is ridiculous, so i buy that online. Thank you for making this video and helping to break the stigma around both DID and medical weed and DID. I have not been brave enough myself. 😊😐

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