1. This may be my stupidest hypothesis yet but maybe dreaming is simply the process of the brain making sense of the worlds activities but more importantly your emotions towards them, bc animals dream too but they’re almost all animals that live in human society with us as opposed to in the wild. So our basic instincts are almost unnecessary to think about bc we have all we need but now we’re on the bigger more complex issues like why this why that how can I make sense of these new things. OR, bc they say its fact that if you don’t get REM sleep you’re brain isn’t sufficiently rested, perhaps we’re just overloading it with information and experience so now (likewise bc our society lifestyles) we need the extra time to make sense of it

  2. I took a nap with my fav kitty boy and found myself dreaming that i was running thru the woods and it was wonderful, just like when i was a kid, it was my fav thing to do – everything so green and lush. Suddenly i came upon a giant frog and i sank my fangs into it's back and i was filled with joy. I was having the cat's dream. Since a brain stem injury yrs ago i don't have/can't remember dreams so it seems that my cat friend took over my psyche and i experienced his dream. I've never felt joy like that before and the sight of frogs make me cringe = it was def not my dream – i also don't have fangs. I now feel that cats are highly emotional and can easily have their feelings hurt.

  3. One of the things I do if I have a vivid dreams and want to remember it I usually write it down in a journal. It helps me remember while it's still fresh in my mind before it disappears later on. The funniest thing about my dreams is somewhere along the line what I subconsciously dream about ends up happening in real life but under different circumstances.

  4. one would think that in 34 years I havnt remembered not only 1 dream And/or not even any part of any supposed dream I dont remember..I sleep perfectly fine and get enough sleep. I dont feel tired when I awake. when i could dream(up until 10yo) I could dream whatever I desired. extend my dream for as long as i kept my eyes shut. i was conscious during my dreams. my last dream was 10yo. I was having fun as per my dreams being able to dream what I desired until i was thrown off a building…forever falling not being able to open my eyes and for the first time not in control of my dream. I was awakened by my father due to screaming to the top of my lungs. that was my last dream 34 years ago

  5. That theory seems like complete horseshit. 180* from what dreams are, which is our brain's way of deconstructing the troublesome experiences it had a hard time processing during waking hours.

  6. It's funny But nobody has mentioned And I'm not saying to brag it's just the realities of my life, but What I've done for years and it works wonders is I have sex with a really hot Girl preferably Spanish or blonde and then we try different positions to warm up then we bring another girl, if you get my idea then we use Lubes and creams and Just Go hard N strong for a good 45 min to 2 hours, and Yall think I'm joking but Man it's so relaxing, afterwards I sleep like a baby, it makes me want to get up renewed refreshed and gives me an amazing outlook on life were everything looks positive and good Just saying I haven't had insomnia for 15 years and I'm now 33 go ahead try it before you knock it.

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