1. Joe!!! My god! This is exactly what I've been speaking of on the streets! Ibogaine was legal until the 60s when the US patent expired. Big pharma didn't care to renew because why? It's around 10k to 30k for a trip treatment. Much like your friend in Mexico, there are also clinics in Canada.
    I live in the Seattle area. Heroin is an evil bish here. It's rampant. But, pharma makes a lot more on methadone and suboxone. Not a lot of incentive money wise.
    This needs to be talked about.
    Thank you.

  2. My little brother was a huge fan of Joe Rohan’s podcast. Unfortunately over the summer he committed suicide due to his opioid addiction (OxyContin mainly, along with both uppers and downers of the sorts). It all happened so fast so it and in no way defined who he was, but it was the withdrawal that led him to his final decision. It’s been a really rough year for me, but I wish he was able to seek this kind of treatment sooner.

  3. Is ibogaine legal in Canada? Because if not I’m booking a flight to Mexico pretty soon. The opioid epidemic is so out of hand. And it’s awful when there are options like this available, yet the government is so set on making money off sick people it’s disgusting. Similar to cancer. It’s ridiculous!

    Me and my girlfriend seen ibogaine on law and order special victims unit a few weeks ago. Simply could not believe it was illegal!

    Thank you very much for the info on it. The video was very helpful. And I’m sure a lot of people would find this very helpful!

  4. REALTALK from experience here..
    IBOGAINE is not a total cure but it's a super powerful ..no the worlds world's strongest leverage against being addicted to not only opiates but many many drugs, alcohol and other addictions non substances included. The reason why is that beyond the physical withdrawal ALL addiction is rooted in patterns and past life experiences.
    IBOGAINE by the way DOES instantly take away ALL the physical withdrawal from ALL substances. IBOGAINE is well worth getting but you must absolutely avoid people places and things after you get it and you must absolutely see a counselor weekly to maintain your sobriety as a barometer of credibility and Truth. Unfortunately most addicts lie and will even lie to themselves and others around them.
    My advice is to get ibogaine to anyone lost and tired of being tired but follow through with the aftercare and keep it as your most important part of your life after you invest in the treatment and you will never have to be treated again but only if you do and are willing to commit to the continuing protection of your sobriety.
    Best wishes all. 💪 🙏 😎👍
    Ever !

  5. Need a legit vendor on the WallStreet Market for ibogaine treatment ? Text / WhatsApp Mike +1 (507) 556 1573 I’m not used to recommending someone but this guy is great ! You won’t regret asking him for help

  6. my friend has done ibogain therapy,he was back on heroin 2 weeks later,there is no magic potion to cure addiction till u make that decision for your self,i quit cold turkey and i am clean for 15 years now,don't smoke,or drink alcohol,never felt shittier in my life though,lol

  7. I don't agree with a 50% tax on marijuana poor people cannot afford that If people were making as much money as Joe rogan that tax would not bother them ! Makes me so mad we don't have government clinics with ibogaine to treat drug addiction One weird effect Ibogaine on some people they were homosexual and they quit being homosexual after they went through ibogaine treatment ?!? Some people that were kleptomaniacs quit stealing The stuff needs to be Studied seriously ! I love Jose interviews they're not just canned responses !

  8. There was a News story on my Irish News about a 90 % effective Drug in Europe but Drug Companies are stopping it and your NAZI Sick news will not report this , plus your all stupid and cannot READ !!!

  9. As a 61 year old who had a 43 year heroin addiction thats been clean for 7 years I wish I had tried this Ibogain treatment. I had a very good long time user friend (sadly passed from cancer) who travelled from here in London to Switzerland to take the trastment. When we talk addiction I don't mean no 2 bags a day, we were on 7G a day plus a lot of Coke and anything else that came along. But he took the treatment which was a 5 night stay at a clinic with only 2 doses in the first 12 hours of Ibogaine treatment. He said that it was NOTHING at all like any other hallucinogenic he had taken (LSD, any type of mushroom,peyote etc etc) but was mainly a very warm introverted feeling. He had NO HALLUCINATIONS but more of a FEELING of being in a one ness with everything.He had this treatment in 1992 and we started taking drugs together in 1970 at the age of 13. He never touched another drug till they treated him with morphine in the last week of him dying with cancer.Now I can't speak for anyone else or know if all Ibogain users for opiate addiction worked. But I do know that my friend was overjoyed by his treatment and it worked for him.It was an expensive treatment – plus flight etc – but if something can change your world for the better and you have tried every other method (as we most do) then it's not expensive is it? Just a shame people cant get the treatment in their own country.

  10. I went to a Ibogaine treatment centre in the Bahamas called Crossroads. Man. Holy fuck. After 7 years of abusing painkillers and heroin and 8 rehabs centres I had all but given up. This god damn tree bark saved my life. At the centre the administer you 99.9% pure Ibogaine. Within 20 hours I went through at least, at least 1 year of deep psychotherapy. Not only does it completely dissolve all craving and withdraws, the shit I saw and experienced can't even be put into words.

    Being spiritually bankrupt as an addict, Ibogaine took me through the stars and showed me the beauty within this world and most importantly myself. For me its the holy grail to addiction. I was a miserable, withdrawn, lying thief working as a plumber who hated his job. Now I'm living in fucking Tulum, Mexico enjoying every sunrise and every sunset. I never in my wildest fucking dreams would've thought I'd be living this life. I cried for 2 hours walking in the sand cause it felt so fucking good! It's the little things in life I notice now that bring me the most joy.

    If you're struggling with addiction, seek Ibogaine but ONLY with a legitimate centre. This shit is not to be fucked around with.

    From one grateful recovering addict.

  11. Ibogaine kicks your ass for a couple of days, gives you an amazing HEAVY experience and gets you clean. After that though it's up to you, addicts will have to deal with anxiety issues however they choose to. If you have lots of support and stick with it afterwards Ibogaine can really help, it's no good for heavy alcoholics (as in don't go in there if you're going to get DT's) or people with benzo habits, maybe pregabalin/gabapentine can interfere as well and all need to be reduced off first. Really does clear your system out of opiates though, incredibly so in fact and with no pain but you are incredibly weak after and NEED to have a friend baby sit you through the process in case of seizures, and just to make sure you're generally ok, getting water, helping to the bathroom etc. Small booster doses in the weeks afterwards help too.

  12. I did this at 10 mg/kg. Very powerful. Lots of vomiting and pain. Rogan shouldn't make claims about the cellular level and all that though until it is studied more in legitimate science.

  13. http://www.recoveryresults.org – Psychedelic integration coaching services. Even if you can't afford coaching I'll gladly give you all the information I have on what it takes to get lasting results from an experience like Ibogaine or Iboga for treating addiction. My contact info is on the site.

    Preparation, Navigation and Integration Coaching is available for people looking to get the most out of their ibogaine experience. Ibogaine is NOT a magic bullet. There is no fast track to full recovery, Ibogaine or Iboga serves more as an addiction interrupter, giving someone experiencing addiction an opportunity to address the underlying causes of addiction. That's why its important to have an addiction recovery coach experienced with psychedelic integration supporting your integration. I've been doing it for a long time, and a handful of other groups are offering these services. It's really profound and doesn't cost a crazy amount. I offer coaching services for $500-$1000 for 6-12 weeks of coaching services. I focus mostly on addiction recovery because most psychedelic integration clients come through word of mouth. If this is something you can benefit from reach out to me.

    Even if you don't feel like you want or can afford coaching I really believe in the importance of this, I will gladly spend an hour or more with you going over what you should be considering and doing to ensure you have a long-term successful outcome from using Iboga or Ibogaine treatment.

    [email protected]recoveryresults.org

  14. 0:47 correction, Ibogaine is found in the highest amount in the Iboga root bark but is found in other plants as well and don’t these other plants grow faster? and not endangered in 🇬🇦 Gabon for extraction!!

  15. People aren't gna stop doing anything unless they decide they don't want too. There's no fix all for any addiction or anything you just need to decide what you will and won't do

  16. Oh, and people die doing ibogaine, Joe. Yea, forgot about that. It's not the magic pill you make it out to be. Most people that do it, know that there's a threat to their life going into it, but they do it anyway because they're in so much pain from their addictions, they figure that it's better to check out if that's the alternative.

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