How to take a picture of a black hole | Katie Bouman

At the heart of the Milky Way, there’s a supermassive black hole that feeds off a spinning disk of hot gas, sucking up anything that ventures too close — even light.


  1. Hey thanks Andrew Chael who wrote 950,000 lines of the code this girl contributed to 6k lines of code and gets all the credit. Sad world pushing a sad agenda

  2. Pls just explain how taking a photograph and that too of a black hole will in any way have a positive impact on Humanity; as a whole. If quantum physics is taken into this equation, then pls don't talk abt time travel and breaking into the 5th Dimension.. This is all just a PR stunt. Humanity is steadily moving towards global extinction and we need to come together; work collectively to eradicate our egos and publicity stunts and actually work towards finding another viable habitat so that the future generation of humanity can endure.

  3. 6:00 onwards… so basically, they designed an algorithm that interprets numbers(readings) in such a way that we get a "reasonable" (whatever that means) image which "fits" our expectations of how it must look. We will also ignore the fact that in this presentation she showed us almost an identical to the one recently disclosed "picture" of a black hole. We will also ignore the "other version" of the algorithm's interpretations, because obviously they are not "reasonable". THIS IS THE LITERAL DEFINITION OF CONFIRMATION BIAS

  4. Well, they did not take any "picture" , they create a nice perfect algorythm to fit their expectations , guy's a picture is here , and now ,and in the visible wavelength , all this stuff is pure ego speculation , but lately "scientist" like to beleive when they should doub , this is modern science ……

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