how to roll Zig zag organic hemp papers

In this video we check out zig zag organic hemp rolling papers unbleached ultra-thin made from 100% pure hemp fibers sourced from organic Farms and …


  1. I like the chill smokers. That's why I love your vids. Just picked up a pack of these today because they were out of my normal papers. They burn faster but they're legit. If they came with tips I'd probably buy em all the time.

  2. Good video bro I subscribed big facts and I got a pack and that shit was lackin didn’t wanna burn at all..idk if the double wrap helps or if cause my shit mad sticky bruh no grinder

  3. Gotta check these Zig Zags out, haven't seen em yet. CustomGrow420 was a little to hype for me but he was a cool dude. Haters gonna hate though. Hope he comes back eventually. Gonna check out those people you recommended.

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