How To Make Rosin Dabs with Hair Straightener and Weed

I thought I’d do a video on how to make wax dabs with weed and a hair straightener at home. This is super easy stoner diy that anyone could do to make live …


  1. shoulda grinded the buds fine, and folded the parchment paper into a sort of square packet, filled that packet with the ground buds, and THEN press the packet in the straightener for like 5-10 secs tops on low heat… leaves a whole sheet of dab

  2. Man I've wasted like 4g already with no dabs. I've tried 230-250-280* and nothing has worked. Those are actual surface Temps as noted with an infrared temp gun. The straightener said 300-320-340.

  3. So I think the hair straightener I got on it’s lowest temp goes to like 390 degrees and highest is like 500. I obviously should use the lowest temp but ya, it all depends on the 🌱 for the yield.

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