How To Buy Raw Milk

Raw milk is illegal in many parts of this crazy world often times harder to score that illegal drugs. It is a crime against humanity that soda is available on every …


  1. Do you have a video where you explain why the government is so for pasteurized milk?

    The FDA makes raw milk sound like Russian roulette.

  2. Can you make a video on possible dangers of drinking raw milk, and maybe how to deal with them? Becouse l know nothing about drinking raw milk, and l know that cows can get parasits like tapeworms, bacterias like ecola and all other stuff…So it would realy be helpfull to hear from you on all those things.

  3. Are these principals the same for biopsy confirmed celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis both autoimmune in nature? I was misgiagnosed years ago with UC. which totally disappeared when I stopped eating gluten and sugar. To this day, if I get glutenized it flares the RA more than my gut. Horrible joint pain and flare ups. I've suspected I've had leaky gut based on my own antidotal results, and listening to my body. Thanks for these videos!

  4. In upstate NY there is Greyrock Farm that has raw milk and there is also places online you can purchase raw milk to be shipped to your door.

  5. Hehehe it’s illegal in sweden and it sure is nice to break the law of the elites, raw milk is floating gold. Why doesn’t the government ban sodas if it causes diabetes but ban raw
    milk? It’s obvious

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