Germinating Autoflower Seeds With A 100% Success Rate

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  1. Using this same method I never get more than 1 out of 3 seeds to germinate. I switched from growers choice to seedsman bc I thought it was the seeds. This hobby is not for me

  2. Perhaps it would be better to have the soil moist before the root comes into contact with it. I also use a heat mat with a thermostat to so I know exactly where the temp. is at. At times I have had strains that required a 100 degree setting to get the seeds to germinate.

  3. Great information!! Alltho correcting the ph is BS. All you're doing is softening the shell to speed up the process. Ph levels have no effect at this stage. Totally agree with the rest tho

  4. hi just want ask if you top autos or no,i hear people do some dont i have done a couple of grows but not atuos but going to maybe pineapple .just want to ask what your appioin is ,i have read were just put in same pot no training any info would be great full thanks ,keep on growing

  5. I really hope I can grow like everyone here. I am seriously thinking about growing this year starting outdoor since I live in a newly
    "Good-To-Grow" state in N. Eng. and this would be my
    first time. I am having a hard time figuring out a good strain or strains to get. Also, seeds usually are $10-$25 each depending on where you go…right? Oh I should also say I am really good at growing Cigar Tobacco.
    Anyone have any thoughts? I love the plant and everything about it except the effects.

  6. So if i have a weed plant in a little plant grower with an LED light and i get soil for the seed and put a fan near it INDOORS will that grow it if i start watering daily? Maybe i should water twice a day? What does germinating do? Does it just help the plant start growing? I need a lot of tips i am just starting i dont want to mess up or kill the plant because its basically my child now lol

  7. I do exactly the same (also pushing them to the bottom with my finger) only I leave them in the water (not a glass but cup against the light) until the roots are about 1cm and then I put them in the soil.

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