1. I love Garyvee and I love Herb!! Great video guys. I'm a photographer from the UK, if you guys want a Herb_UK division on instagram let me know, we have a different weed culture here (Jokes, munchie foods we pick, legality, how we smoke spliffs with tobacco, etc) but it is soon becoming more medically available, and I believe we'll follow in the shoes of America towards decriminalisation and legalisation. I'm a photographer from and living in England, check me out @Verstomd

  2. You're the man Gary! Heard you for the first time on the Big Cat & A-rod podcast. Since then I have been following you on all social platforms. As a professional working in cannabis this only makes me believe more in your motto!

  3. I am interested in the medical applications of cannabis. My father was on the Polio vaccine discovery team in 1955. It was his idea that lead to the discovery & he presented the findings. We know the pharmaceutical dirty tricks to keep cannabis illegal. I know all about the many, many US & world patents on medical uses of cannabis components & their clinically proven cures. My intention is to market mmj once it becomes legal. Branding & marketing are my thing. Sky is the limit on this rocket!

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