Former Cowboys DT David Irving says Jason Garrett is not comfortable dealing with people of color

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  1. The weed has fogged your reasoning. I'm with you on the pain killer issue. But, smoking weed is nothing less than self-medicating. He missed on a big payday since he was in a contract year being a free agent. He talks more about his capabilities on the field rather than actually being able to stay on the field to play. It is nothing less than a waste of talent so he can be free to smoke weed. Come on man. If you played football for another 3 to 5 years and retire, you could have smoked all of the weed you wanted for the rest of your days. You f__ked up dude!

  2. David Irving is a racist piece of SH*T. He was lazy, ignorant, and was given multiple chances to play this game. Instead he wants to smoke weed, which is totally fine, but please stop the race card game, your a bum. I'm not a fan of Jason Garrett, but come on David, you sound extremely insecure and childish..

  3. David Irving was such a lazy bum. A druggie who KNEW the consequences but didn't give a fuck. He didn't care about football… and that's fine… but let's stop pretending like he did his best to make it work. It's why the Chiefs didn't draft him and then cut him and it's why Dallas tried but failed to keep him on the field. He's a bum and know he wants to talk about it after THREE fucking years were he couldn't even stay on the field for 70% of the time allotted to him. Glad he's gone, good riddance.

  4. How many kids and include my self when I was young, wished they played in the NFL , this guys just threw away a great future he had with the Dallas Cowboys not to mention how much money he would have earned, I feel sorry for him, one day he is going to wish he hadn't done this stupid move in his life… sorry bro

  5. Irving knew the rules in the NFL. If he knew he wasn't going to abide by them…then he should have never bothered to play football. He.wasted both his time and the Cowboys time.

  6. David Irving is disgustingly on point. Ignorance is bliss. if you could get around the simple mindset and understand the matters at hand,he is referring to Mental Health. We take these pills and they change us. The handful of pills they provide have these side effects and warnings that they small print to get it all in or have a fast speaking commercial . The David Irving Story. I am a military veteran and I am with him. I have had multiple concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury and suffer at the hands of serving in Combat and The benefit i receive from Cannabis is undeniably unexplained compared to chasing life with the powder that is mixed to preform a certain outcome and placed in a capsule

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