1. Again, pauly from the states. Your reviews aren't particularly relevant to me as I'm from and live in the USA, but I enjoyed your review and its honesty. I feel your an ordinary guy like my self and you know what your talking about. With states becoming recreationally legal here in the United states, we generally have all good locally or self grown weed and it's still illegal by government standards. But I my self a few yrs ago became severely sensitive too thc its self and it hurt me cause cannabis was such a huge part of my life. I randomly started having severe panic attacks from smoking normal bud so I recently found high CBD hemp flower that has nearly no thc, so I can now enjoy smoking bud but get no effects from the thc. There are numerous hemp flower sites now and only several are amazing, the rest are sorta shady trying to make a quick buck like the companies your describing and a really cool guy with a channel called "THE WATER" is leading the review on their products movement like your self and exposing the shady low quality co's out there. Great work man.

  2. I’m by no means a weed expert and haven’t been using it for long (just over a year) but I bought the government weed and I noticed it was way dryer than the stuff I get from aurora with my prescription.

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