Dirty Weed with Red Bugs • Weed Bugs • Bad Weed

I bought some “Gelato” from a dispensary in Detroit called Far West on 8 Mile. What’s crazy is I had to sign a waiver saying that I was buying weed that haven’t …


  1. Just so you know, remember around dec last year the when Michigan went dry af cuz everything had to be tested. Well that’s so shit like this don’t happen. Prob 90% of the shit at dispensaries that’s not tested has pesticides. You’re better off smoking those red spider mites than most weed out there, fuck with canna boys, all their jars have a batch # you can check on their Insta for the test results

  2. Yon world, I stay in warren, I fuck with those same dispensaries, honestly I only been fuckin with the canna boys Mac and kush mints, sometimes Tropicana cookies. 50 and eighth at healing tree plus tax or 60 at district 3 out the door. The Mac just won best hybrid at hash bash or hempfrst whatever the hell we just had. Mac 1 is the by far the best shit I’ve smoked, and I’ve smoked Cali bud, jungle boys shit. Burners shit, that Mac slap bro

  3. If they made you sign a waiver, then they have no integrity, selling product that’s less than kosher, maybe even harmful. Cannabis grown with consciousness certainly has no fungicides, pesticides or bugs.

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