1. People who know they faults, often create excuses and blame others for their misfortunes, and that is what David Irving is doing. However, I do believe that Jason Garrett is the type of coach who tries to be PC on how he handles people, and what he says. Through that facet, and I can see where David Irving could be saying.

  2. You can't say it isn't racism when your not in that locker room if multiple black players feel this way he's just the only one that came out and said something. It's even more dangerous to not take him seriously if this accusation is true we are talking about the head coach the leader of men if he can't lead cuz he's uncomfortable around black people he is holding the cowboys back in my opinion. I feel your just quick to shut Irving down because he smokes weed that dosen't make him a liar it's his life if he wants to choose weed over getting forced to take adictive pain medication that's his choice you can't get mad at that your only mad cuz you wouldn't make that same choice this is America we all have a choice.

  3. I'm Not in favor of Jason Garrett Still being the Dallas Cowboys Head-Coach this Long ! But i'm Not 💯% Sure about What in the "Yosemite Sam hell" David Irving is Still talking about as of lately, because He's the One who decided to Retire from the N.F.L. because of his Weed Habit's !

  4. This guy can't differentiate the words that either you are a racist or feel uncomfortable, with a person of color, it's like Trump a racist and I see him working , with all races and never, uncomfortable, maybe the person stating the statement, especially this guy smoking the dope, needs to evaluate himself and question himself" Why the he'll I'm I even smoking, this crap, get some help, or having 60 million to having no millions, i' ll tell you I would get help, and shut my big mouth about the coach and get yourself in order, and playing fricken ball you wasted talent, quite the race issues!!

  5. My take on this is…..Irving made his choice. He thought that the Cowboys would beg for his services FAILING to realize that they are tried of his bull. Cowboys are no longer giving him the time of day….and Irving doesn't like it. If he did he would have turned the page on his NFL career and pursue his weed business. My belief is that Irving WILL fall by the wayside.

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