1. In many european countries seeds are not forbidden as they contain no THC themselves. So companies can legally sell them if they operate from a country that allows growing. (They use a disclaimer that it might be illegal to sprout the seeds). If on the buyer side you would get busted it may very well be judge rules you got them for sprouting. So buying seeds is quasi-illegal in most european countries but the companies that stay in netherlands don't get busted and hold many strains, even many US types. But you can't get everything, never saw a GDP.

  2. My obgyn told me to smoke pot because i had Hyperemesis gravidarum. Aka uncontrollable vomitting while pregnant. I lost so much weight and i couldnt eat. The anti nausea medications weren't working and i was falling really ill. Hospitalized 3 times. Finally my doctor ASKED me if i ever smoked pot. And i told him that yes before pregnancy i indulged. He said to try that. Lol i asked him about affect of thc and fetus growth. He said they grow faster, thats all we know. There needs to be research done. If pregnant women can benefit from cannabis…we need the studies done asap

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