4 cherry wine hemp seeds being grown in Coco perlite best nutrients ever

Follow 4 Cherry Wine hemp hemp seeds being grown hydroponically in Coco and perlite. I plan to make a lot more videos covering all sorts of different topics …


  1. I would still like to try your nutes out and would be a very long time buyer. I grow vegetables in a tent and I grow my own medicine in another tent I've had 6 back surgeries and really want to try out your line of growing nutes.

  2. I just uploaded the next video in this series. Plants are about a week older. Every week a new video follow these guys from babies to beautiful budded adults! We probably are going to take pollen from males and cross it with the highest THC plant we have to try to get high THC (35%) with a bunch of CBD.

  3. I'm on that hemp trip as well great work Buddy!! Yes I'm very interested 👍🔥🌳🌴✌️👊🙏 peace love and RESPECTalso would you do a video on harvesting that pollen because I want to know about that too thanks bro already emailed u

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