1. To define yourself as some stupid race or other is to limit yourself to that definition. The colour of your skin gives you no rights, no privileges, no responsibility, nothing but craven surrender to vile identity politics…so long as you choose that craven surrender. Colour blind civic nationalists like MLK have been trying to drum this simple idea into the heads of race hucksters of all complexions…with no success where money is to be made by peddling identity politics.

  2. Tim has been educating for many years, I love your truth Tim and your dedication to all people, I understand you want your kids to have a better world to live in,as most of us do,but that's not the case now here in 2017 we are all under attack now with our food air water vaccines GMOs pesticides lead radiation, chemitrails etc,its so sad just because you have a lot of money you think you have the right to harm and kill people, people have the right to life by the creator, this earth is crying out in pain people are hurting the ocean are dieing the land being contaminated, thank you for Caring Tim,but you can't change the nature of the beast.peace

  3. Tim Wise protects Jewish zionist interest and deflects off of it. . The truth is The Jewish state of Israel will not free the innocent peoples of Palestine. Bishop Tutu a mean of peace and love who lived under the old South Africa Apartheid government. Visit the Jewish state of Israel and Palestine and reported to the world Jewish Israel is racist Apartheid state worst then the old South Africa Apartheid government. So why does not Tim speak out against Jewish Israel racist toward the innocent people of Palestine? And if Apartheid was wrong in South Africa why is it allowed in Israel and funded with billions of USA tax dollars?

  4. This is the purest hatred of whites. I hope someone murders that dirty half-breed Jew bastard Tim Wise.
    He always claims to be "white." he is not white, He is a dirty, half-breed inbred Ashkenazim Jew.
    These dirty Jew criminals want to destroy the white race so they can control everything including all wealth.
    Eliminate whites and the Jew wins by default. They can control the Low IQ mudskins and enslave them.

    He is the most vile ashkenazim POS ever shat out of the globalist Illuminati's a$$. A gas chamber is the last way it should be done. he should have his limbs sliced off to bleed out slowly. Then finally cleave his head with a machete'.

  5. "The system of white supremacy"… Um… There are a handful of corporations dictating the majority of law, policy, and the rest of it. There are acts and politicians and a series of government violence rampant in the world at large. So what color are these corporations? What color is the CIA? What color is a law? White supremacy you say. I think we are past all that and the race baiting is simply dividing us further. Sure. Interesting conversation to have, and you can talk ghetto with your white arse and pander to the dark skinned crowd, but the real problems in this world are not going to be solved by making white folks feel guilty. But I will play this game. I am white. I hate cops, the government, the system, all that. You won me over. I am woke as funk. Now what? What do I do now? Bitch to other white folks about how they suck because of the color of their skin?

  6. Tim Wise speaks truthful. The truth hurts. This racial divide in our country will destroy us all. World history, not just American history proves that it has always been the rich oppressing the poor. White against blacks, blacks against whites is the biggest deception since Eve and the apple. Don't kill the messenger, anyone who isn't a rich elitist should revolt and take our country back. We've all been hoodwinked!

  7. Violence and chaos follows whenever socialist socially engineer a society. Manipulated diversity always fails and takes the rest of us down with it. That's NOT racist – just reality.

  8. "there is no such thing as an individual" you say. Isn't that a dangerous thing to be telling young people. Then you have the nerve get on stage and guess what other white people think and what beliefs they hold. False Stats, your a scam artist mate. Do you understand historical context. Stop brainwashing kids you fake intellectual wannabe. Yeah your all about anti-racism.

  9. Why is he being allowed to speak on campus? Can't we get the free-speechers try to shut him down and then get the Antifa to protect him? Whatever the case he doesn't deserve tax dollars, that is for sure

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