1. Hi JJ, I know this is a dated video. My name is Kyle and as I have mentioned to you before I have Chron's and a stoma. I may be having the same surgery that you just had and I am so happy to see you after four days home and looking so good. I had a horrible time recovering from the initial surgery that I am getting the fear about this one. It certainly is reassuring that you are doing so well now, at least on camera you look good…lol peace and stay lifted.

  2. hi again,hope youre feeling well:)
    sent you a mail With info regarding very good ledgrowlights ive changed completely too from hps, also sent you pics of Dutch passion autofems grown With the leds to proove the results to you. but dont take my Word, you can now have these to Your channel and the the plants speak for themselves,i promise you they will be happy;)
    bet it will benefit both you and the ledbrand im suggesting to you.
    wrote to the exec of the company and they seem ready to talk With you.

  3. Hope your Colonoscopy went well and starting to feel better now
    Garden looks amazing
    Just cut the big heads off my plant
    But buds under the scrog still look immature so leaving another week or 2 I'm guessing it's ok to do that as Plant well flushed

    My Dad went for one the other day and the Doc picked up on a low heart rate so had a Pacemaker fitted yesterday

  4. looking well after surgery . glad all went well. sucks that lights had issue at least it was at the end of the flower cycle.good thoughts your way peace and cheers

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