1. Couldn't help but notice that the eaves of da dry shed don't quite extend past the edge of da slab. Guttering would help direct the rainwater away. Moisture build up under the shed is no bueno.

  2. Dude I would put a thick ass piece of pine plywood cut the size of the window either covering for good or on hinges with a sturdy lock or 2 for light and the unwanted night bandit's and alarms so if a door or window opens it blares peace growmie

  3. So, there’s 28 grams in an oz, which means there are 448 grams in a pound. If he has 40 lbs in that shed alone, then that’s almost 18000 grams of bud. I applaud your dedication to this stuff man. By far my favorite YouTube grower! Good luck man

  4. being able to label those boxes with different strains and ordering them like file cabinets seems like a smart way to keep everything separated when dried. you could prob keep notes on the box about how ready each strain is to easily keep track of them all

  5. when you trim the bottom branches off do u leave a little of the branch or trim it as close to the main stalk? someone told me dont trim too close to the main stalk can cause infection

  6. What are those propergation lights? I’m looking for a battery powered led light so I can propergate in a closet. But there doesn’t seem to be any anywhere… Ever heard of battery powered lights.

  7. Yeah kali, I am very organized to the point of OCD. I think the boxes are perfect. I always used boxes. Tommy trimmers with co2 are awesome. Fuck clipping 40 pounds. Lmfao. Sweet dry shed brother.

  8. Hope you have a shotgun lol. people have died over way less than 40lbs, crazy mf's out there. I'd tint that window in your shed and then screw 1/2" plywood over it. Nobody would see it was boarded from the outside just use a dark tint. Good luck this year man.

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