Smoking Weed / Weed Fail Compilation / WEED FUNNY FAILS AND WTF MOMENTS! #46

This is video 46 of are series. Episode 46 of very funny weed fails and moments. we put together some of the funniest weed moments including wtf moments to …


  1. Fuck the dude at 6:587:00. All those roaches are probably second generation from how many times I've see him in these videos. So those roaches all together are probably hella good. But he just smokes the roach wtf why? You have second generation weed that could get you a really good high while also giveing you each strains medical benefit. All he had to do was roll a blunt with the roach weed but no I gotta show off all my roaches 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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