1. Hi Emilie ! I know we're all so similar yet so different, but i think i get what you mean. Hope that things go well even if the signs are bad, never give up and i really loved your another video too " Be yourself, fuck it." in that video you're answering not only to everyone else but you too , it's really good. Have nicer days ahead 🙂

  2. I really wish you the best, just hang in there.. I have my personal life struggles and hope someday you'll reach your dreams. Also try some music therapy when you can!

  3. Hi Emilie, I am looking at your video for which I thank you. You are very brave to share this with all of us. I have a sis with schizophrenia but she got ill at 53 – 4 years ago. I understand exactly how you are feeling. I support my sister and talk to her every single day. i pay attention to her situation and buy her vitamins and do everything for her. she works. Listen, yes, you have schizophrenia and it sucks big time. However, you can study and become successful. People do it all the time. do not give up hope. I advise you to first check with your psychiatrist if you need to be taking so much medication. My sis took seroquel but only 300 mg and that is ENOUGH. do not allow doctors to drug you and give you more medication than is necessary. Talk to the doctor about this! Ask if it is possible to go down a bit on the medication- 300mg? 400 mg…why 600? Maybe you do not need 600. Always aim for minimal medication with maximum benefit. it is important because the drugs have nasty side effects. Also, pay attention to your diet and try to eat healthily. very important so that you do not gain too much weight. You can study. Go on Google and type in Elyn Saks. She is a University Professor who suffers from schizophrenia since she was very young. She is very sick but she is a professor and there are many more high function individuals who are schizophrenic. Always take your medication because it is what keeps you stable. Think carefully about what you want to do and go after it- one little step at a time. I can see that you are a bright girl. You can do it. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Get a good B-complex vitamin and some Omega 3 vitamins and take those as support for your brain. Also some vitamin B3 (called also Niacin). good for schizo. These are little things but they will do wonders for your brain and support you. These things are little things you can do for yourself that willhelp you to feel better and take walks and exercise. It is all about supporting and nurturing YOU. If you are catholic or have any religion or you like yoga or meditation try that too. all of these things are good for you and will support you mentally and make you feel better. Especially if you do not have anyone who cares for you. Dont be too hard on yourself. dont worry, everyone in this world has their own crosses, some have cancer and other horrible illnesses and you happen to have schizo. you are NOT crazy and you are NOT a schizophrenic. You are Emlie and you happen to have schizophrenia. Do away with the negative talk. I hope you take some of my advice. I hope you take some of the advice I am giving you. It will make a difference. Sending you blessings

  4. heads up emilie youre gonna be a perfect nurse imagine the help you can give to people who struggle the same as you did! im a paranoid schizophrenic but i still became a intensive care nurse. so if i can do you it you can do it easily!

  5. PUT IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE! For all the harm, damage, and abuse, that it slings on smokers, they need to start telling Society where they can put their brain shrinking negative motivation, their inept 1907 willpower concept, and their stern Mussolini quit smoking advice!

  6. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I had a period of time in the early 1980s when I felt that no one would miss me if I was gone. My father was (still is) a piece of shit, and I doubt he'd remember I was ever here if I died then. But there were people in my life then (and most of them are still in my life now) who care, and love, and support me. My mother will be 80 years old in 4 days, and she's just about the best person I know. I can't imagine my life without her, or her life without me.

    We're all in this together. Everybody matters to someone. I've been watching your videos for a couple of days, and I know you matter to a lot of people.

    Stay strong.

  7. Hey it's Scott. Did you seek medical attention from being dizzy the other day? If not, how you feeling Em? WOrried about you, you are in a safe place with all of us here, we LOVE you so much!

  8. Hiya 😊. I’m a new subscriber to your channel 😊. Congrats on 1k 😁. You’re a pretty young woman and smoker oof 😘. Mental illness can be extremely scary to deal with, but you have the resolve to keep going, there’s much you can’t do. Stay strong and positive 😊. I hope we can be friends 😊. P. S please like my comment if you notice it 😊

  9. awe sorry you are having a bad day maybe do a livestream its just a suggestion so you can talk and we can give feed back you will get better and we are here to help anyway we can we do love you and you matter to us

  10. I feel you. I feel the same way. I'm like "Why do I have to be the only member of my family who is like this? Why do I have to be the one who can't even leave my room because I'm terrified of people?" It's so frustrating! I want to work, but I can't! I want to earn my money from hard work instead of depending on Social Security! I have no accomplishments to my name.

  11. You are a wonderful human being. You have a good loving heart. You'll become a great counselor and you'll help lot of other helpless people. This dark time will pass. Keep taking medication and you'll be much better soon. Believe my words. It's my experience. I had the same feeling from my childhood because I have panic disorder from childhood. Now by medication I've improved a lot I'm much calm and people like to talk to me and share their problems with me. You don't realize that how beautiful heart you have. Have just a little patience. You'll definitely contribute to this world. I'm sure about it.

  12. Perfect timing. I'm really struggling today. I have an awful headache, which happens every time I have to go out in public. And on top of my usual social and general anxiety and depression, I do struggle with voices in my mind telling me what people think of me.

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