1. That thing will get so caked with resin if you don’t soak it in alcohol after severe use. Definitely not a product for people who always have dirty bong water (ME)

  2. You didn't list ANY Cons… so I will. CONS:: Too much money for what it is, can break bowls both by putting them in and/or removing them, and can put an eye out removing them from a bowl if not careful. I'm a big boy and don't use screens. I know how to pack a bowl.

  3. I buy a 100 pack of glass ones off amazon, and yeah they fall out but I’m careful and I put them in a jar of 91% rubbing alcohol and let them soak, Put a new one in and when I want another I take it out of the alcohol dry it and it’s ready to use!

  4. Nice video. I don't see the use for this, as I use Rezblock, so I practically rinse my bong out when I'm done with it, and it's clean.
    But heck, might as well pick a few up as gifts.

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