Singapore Street Food Hawker Center

Eating at one of the best Hawker Center in Singapore with lots of food stalls At Hawker centres you can find cheap and affordable meals in expensive Singapore …


  1. How long of a break do you take before trying another food when you do a food walk? I could imagine getting full very quickly! Lol I’m hoping to start these sort of ventures soon and I’m always curious about the different things people do to be able to eat so much in one day! Lol

  2. Mince meat soup dumpling- When handling food, the least he can do is to wear GLOVES!
    Not just that, after handling food, he straight away attended to his cooking without washing his hands.
    Now thats gross…..!
    The poor crab. Why cant he killed it 1st before chopping his legs off. Gdness2 me……….!

  3. That first crab was brutal! There is no reason to make the crab suffer that much. Kill it and eat it! Awful. And I eats me some crab. That was brutal though! Lol. I mean even hunting, I never made a kill suffer. Looked yummy though

  4. I'm sorry it may be a stupid question to you, but what it's the meat on the inside of the sides of the helmet like, and is their a name for it? I've never had that before! I've never had that type of crab to be honest!! Only the soft shell crab or the king crab, blue crab and the smaller kind of like the king crab! Sorry the name escapes me now! If I ever can get to where y'all are, Please be my food guide! You show the most amazing and delicious food!!!

  5. Just the overlapping sounds of people chattering is so comforting. I'm hoping to visit and try everything there. Thank you so much for the longer video! Keep dancing that good dance!

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