1. Great video. Thanks for the info on the HLG65 white light LED. LEDs are getting better all the time and convinced they will take over the grow market. For $99 USD it looks like all you get is the LED board (and DC power brick) and have to either build or buy the rest of the hardware to complete the fixture. I'm surprised they sell the PCB by itself. It will probably self destruct without the cooling hardware. I could have sworn they were available earlier on Amazon but now it shows they are sold out, maybe because of this video? I just hope buyers are aware that they also have to buy a heatsink and a bracket to hold it. And that's when the cost increases a lot.

  2. So for the cloudy sun question, your plants can still grow in cloudy days. not as much as sunny. but i was once always told overcast days at the beach are worst. because you cant feel yourself getting sunburned like you can on hot sunny days. but trust me, you will still burn if you're at the beach for 6 hours lol

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