1. I am from Midland…. Schuette is a sellout to special interests…. he wants to cut taxes? and who will make up the loss? the working people while big business gets the breaks…

  2. Colbeck is the one who persuaded me after this debate. Hines attacking Schuette not supporting Trump at the beginnings. Calley can't stand Trump from the beginning. Calley is a globalist. Hines may be nice man but lack strength, like insecure.

  3. Bill is so fake and has horrible acting skills. I support President Trump, but I don't support Bill Schuette. Colebeck is a terrible speaker and seems weak. Calley is decent but I also like Jim Hines. Hines seems to have the most common sense and isn't a career politician.

  4. Colbeck definitely won he gave answers and attacked people but didn't get attacked. Colbeck gave the most thorough answers. Calley got 2nd, Hines got 3rd. Shuette said the same lines over and over again and didn't defend himself

  5. Rewrite Act 51 to get the money out of Detroit! 80 other counties need road work too I know of 2 counties alone that are in need of quarter of a billion dollars to fix roads due to lack of funding from Lansing gee thanks lawmakers & Downstate governors! No wonder us here in Northern Michigan hates Lansing!

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