More Americans show up for work high

In 2018, a growing number of U.S. employees showed up for work high or with marijuana in their system, a laboratory analysis shows. Subscribe to the CBS …


  1. You make weed legal and tell them it's no problem to use – well then they will drive high, work high, parent high, live high and destroy the society and economy. Welcome to leftist policies that have already destroyed some of our best cities.

  2. And they may WELL be doing a better job than if they didn't. I don't know why all the comments are trying to make excuse for it. Why don't you do a story about America's obsession with the UA. We got as many clinics around as Starbucks! There's a lot of people who know exactly how to enhance their performance with "controlled substances, without spending all their money on prescription drugs.

  3. That's nothing Congress does as well. Look at nancy Pelosi and mad Maxine Kamalar while listening to snoop dog they are all loaded should do a mandatory drug test blood and urine screen MONTHLY!!!

  4. It is very sad to learn that US military Stealing poppy (Heroine) from Afghanistan is major contributing factor to more drug addicts in US, even though it is $$$Billions business & US took over Global Drug Market. Something is very wrong with this picture. Wikileaks exposing dark side of US military in Middle East is a wake up call. Hope US will be able to recover basic Humanity.

  5. Corporate America is a disgusting the hypocritical place with their private insurance and their doctors will get you hooked on more prescription drugs than you can imagine they will only want you to use their drugs it's a disgusting environment and anyone is reading this please look it up pills with the number one addiction being sought help for in America

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