1. Hey JJ, was smoking Pot o Gold back in the 90s & loved it! Been thinking of giving her a go, looking forward to see how ya grow goes, are they Flying Dutchman seeds?

  2. Hmm that whole plant drying may be the way to go in CO the longer the better heh.. That would help get it to that 7-10 day window, cheers have a safe trip home.

  3. JJ are those tens just strictly to put LEDs or whatever kind a let you want and start growing just like that I'm kind of stupid when it comes down to growing I know the slogan I know a lot about the plan but I can't grow it I'm trying to grow it and my wife said if we need that 10 we have to have lights on it she wants the LED lights which is a great idea so that's what I'm gonna do but is that how we do it a simple yes or no you don't have to do a big message do I put the. Pots in the tent I got four of them do I put them in the tent with the lights 12 hours on 12 hours off please let me know will go crazy trying to figure it out people are going to laugh at me right now but you know what I don't care it's my first time growing and I want to know how to do it probably I'm tired of giving the cannabis clubs all this money do you just came to San Francisco you know how expensive it is

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