1. APPRECIATE everything you put out. I've made (CGC) (and more importantly not lost – APHA) quite a bit because of your technical assessments and musings. Been trying to apply myself and I'm a default value investor so doing the MJ speculative things is new for me. Ianthus (OTC: ITHUF) is next on my list but it's financial lack of transparency is a red flag for me though the management team seems good. I saw a head and shoulders forming on the daily and wrote a note to myself last month (based on your analysis as well) to wait and I could start buying if that pattern was negated or confirmed. Looks like broke neck line $4.78 – $4.84 on daily yesterday so will see if it sets a higher low on weekly (seen to be in right shoulder on weekly too) before moving forward. I do hope the spring/summer doldrums are on the way.

  2. These videos just get better and better! Thanks for the tips Dan! Taking your advice and buying into IAN in the morning for long term and putting trading on the back burner for a while.

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