Law of Attraction and Self Care and my negative stoner weed smoking neighbor

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  1. Hey Lisa..Fantastic's very true. When your home is impaccable you will feel completley different, for sure! Last month I moved with my girlfriend to another home (here in the Netherlands).
    I also want my living space to be a reflection of who I am. I'm convinced that it will bring me good things in my live.
    When you live abundantly …good things will come to you,..there is where the magic happens.
    Have a great day!💗💗🙂

  2. Wow gosh I love your stories! When you said you wanted a Porsche Panamera and I saw my time it was 9:18 pm. I had jumped up because I always wanted a Porsche 918 Spyder haha then bam! It's already in the works!

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