KING CRAB! – NEW SECRET HAT! – Bubble Gum Simulator

KING CRAB! – NEW SECRET HAT! – Bubble Gum Simulator Hi All, in my latest video I have a quick look at Update 21 in Beach World. SDMIttens Roblox Profile …


  1. SDmittens pls answer me.
    So, I join some server. And someone is tell me if her it's u.
    She beg me, she wants my hybrid, 300m elemen.
    Can I know what is ur ig acc? I will give u a short video of her.
    Oh yea, her name Is @/girl_polar123
    ( Roblox acc in bubble sim ) eh btw I'm typo when I'm recording. I comment "why r u left" I know it's leave:v thx:)

  2. I liked and subbed and hit the notification bell! On my dream list is to have a queen overlord so please make my wish come true if you can! Ur amazing bye talk to yuo later! 😛

  3. i really want queenoverlord i almost got the index completed (expect for trophy) it was a thing i really wanted cause i wanted to complete my first event index

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