1. Seriously, everyone who is saying 'put on closed captions' is not asking 'what language is he speaking?' The closed captions are effing hilarious. Not even close —>

  2. If I recall correctly, in the Glasgow attack, it didn't quite go to plan. A terrorist, staggering in flames from his own bomb, and a guy runs up and punches him, just make sure.

  3. So you monkeys think this shit ranks with humor?, you are not incensed?, then your enemy will eat your lunch, rape your wives, and castrate your sons. Away with you. Not funny, not now and not ever.

  4. When will the prick pay for the phone he smashed on his night in Jinty
    McGuintys when he was " T-Total" and swiped it off my hand to the floor
    when all i was doing was showing a Mexican and Brazilian Glasgow. He was
    sure i was one of his Sycophants when i didnt give a shit
    . The Police charged him but because he is BIG Kevin Bridges he walked
    away . We didnt give a fuck who he was , but he did…So to stop me
    posting this message, just sort out what you did that one night as a

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