Is Veganism Hateful | Towards the Future (Episode 1)

In the premiere episode of my new show, we discuss veganism, and if it’s really hateful like some people think. If you are thinking of going vegan, give Veestro a …


  1. A friend of mine introduced me to veganism and it opened my mind. The only veggies/fruits I can find though are at school… I don't eat at home unless there's something that's a fruit or a vegetable. My parents aren't even considering it with questions like, "Where are you going to get your protein?" I'm just going to buy my own food if they don't help, which they aren't already. Though we're considerably wealthy, they won't even buy this. They try making me eat this horrible meatshit. Every time at school someone tries asking me for some meatshit on my plate, I say no and continuously throw it away. I've tried to help spread some awareness, but people are ignorant and don't seem like they care to the point where they're aware of threatening their life, yet still continue with their meat habits. This world is messed up.

  2. I want to say first, I am Vegetarian but not Vegan; and will never be a Vegan. First, I see no ethical argument for preferring vegan over vegetarian. I also see no environmental consideration. Lastly, a vegan diet is DEEPLY deficient in vitamin B-12, and the aminoacids carnitine and carnosine, and the DHA and EPA omega-3's. And those are just the most deeply deficient nutrients. Additionally, and this is more personal, I find a lot of vegans being too fanatical and pushy and dishonest. Typical of vegans is to insist that the vegan diet is complete, and that if you eat vegan you need no supplements; or when they say that humans were originally vegan and later changed. All of this goes against scientific evidence: The vegan diet is seriously deficient in some nutrients; this is a fact beyond denial; you get ZERO vitamin B-12 on a vegan diet. And the argument that prehistorically we were vegan is also inconsistent with scientific evidence. What the current model of pre-historic man's diet is, is that humans were omnivorous or mostly carnivorous at the deepest cold during glacial periods, and mostly vegetarian at the heat maximum between glacial periods. Vegans get at least some of the hatred against them precisely because of all this fanaticism. I have been vegetarian for about 40 years, and on some occasions I've faced the fanaticism of vegans trying to convert me, treating me, a vegetarian, as if I were an "incomplete vegan", or something of the sort. HAHAHA, I have your video playing as I write this, and I'm hearing you now talking about when vegans made you angry… Glad to hear you know what I'm talking about. Vegan fanatics do a HUGE disservice to the cause of ending the horrors of the meat industry. Their fanaticism turns the public OFF veg-anything.
    Reincarnation warning …. As I was writing under another of your videos, I have a hunch/hypothesis that farm animals are raising karmic points through suffering, then applying those karmic points to gain entry into the human sphere. Once they do (are born as humans) they unconsciously become meat eaters so as to help other animal souls do the same thing and gain human incarnation also. Most humans today, it seems to me, are not really human; they are typical "first time humans", who have violent tendencies, low intelligence or imagination. They do have thought, but not much independence of thought. Their thinking is limited to regurgitating what they heard their parents say. They might even go to college, but are entirely reactionary, good at memorizing but terrible at actually thinking for themselves.
    By the way, gene-edited farm animals don't exist. At least not yet. The only gmo species are plant species, so far, primarily soya and corn. Antibiotics and steroids, that is all true.
    Now, regarding GMO plants, it's not that the gene change makes the plant poisonous. What IS poisonous, as you mention, is glyphosate (Roundup); and it so happens that the GMO modification that was done to soy is precisely to make soy immune to glyphosate. So, to eat GMO soy is a guarantee that you eat a ton of glyphosate they put on it.
    And now, GMO animals don't exist (yet), but what does exist is farm animals fed GMO soy. In fact, that is the standard. If you eat meat, you need to insist on grass fed meat, because anything else is full of GMO soy and corn, and therefore full of glyphosate.
    By the way, HDL and LDL are not types of cholesterol…. the last L stands for lipo-protein. HDL = High Density Lipoprotein; LDL = Low Density Lipoprotein. Lipoproteins are proteins that have a lipophilic side. They are proteins. Proteins are made of aminoacids. They are far more complex and bigger than fats. Cholesterol is a fat. So, how are HDL and LDL related to cholesterol? HDL and LDL are like baskets made of protein, with a lipophilic side facing inwards, and the water-soluble side facing outwards. These baskets are used to transport fats in the blood. Blood is water-based, and free fats would tend to float up; it would be a mess; so fats are transported in protein baskets called HDL and LDL (and also VLDL and a few others). For example, one particle of HDL can pack over one thousand molecules of cholesterol. To speak of HDL as of "good cholesterol" and LDL as "bad cholesterol" is as if we said that toilet paper that comes in packs of 12 is "bad toilet paper", but toilet paper that comes in boxes of 50 is "good toilet paper". It is an absurdity. All of this trash about the blood panel and HDL and LDL and triglycerides, that is all a whole pile of absurdity with a single purpose: to sell cholesterol control drugs, which are killing millions. And so to say that the vegan diet is good because your blood panel showed "good numbers" is entirely meaningless. Ask your doctor to check you for the types of deficiencies that are typical of vegans (and vegetarians to a lesser extent). Your diet and mine are almost identical, except that mine includes a couple of eggs now and then, and I supplement with B-12, fish and krill oil capsules, and glucosamine, which are not entirely vegetarian supplements, but so be it, carnitine and carnosine capsules, as well as lysine, glutamine and BCAA's. And I bet you any money I'm healthier than you, even at my age, 60.

  3. I'm a vegetarian and trying to get Australian's to deal with that has been an up hill battle over the years, but it has been refreshing in recent years to start seeing more and more vegetarian and vegan options. Now even Hungry Jack's (Australian version of Burger King) has a Vegan Cheese Burger which is actually really nice, although they changed it since I first tried it. The first 1 I had had a pickle but the later ones haven't which was disappointing but it's still a nice vegan burger. I've said in the past that I could never go vegan, but it is getting to a point where maybe I could one day as vegan ice cream and milkshakes are a thing now. If all pizza places start having an option of using vegan cheese, then I might just consider it. But I'm happy with being vegetarian, I'm glad to have found soy milks that I like as the stuff I tried 20 years ago tasted awful, I have you to thank for showing me that soy milk could taste more like milk than milk does.

  4. Sorry I missed your video! Watching it now! Been vegan for a year then I got laid off from my job and had to rely on someone else buying our households food. Just got a job and im getting back on track! I feel so much better while eating vegan.

  5. I for example hate the taste of pork but I'll never call pork disgusting looking just cuz I don't like it.

    I get deceived by my eyes and nose a lot I see and smell food that smells like it was impossibly perfect and than it tastes like sweaty feet, both meat and fruit/veggies alike. There are vegetables which make me vomit there are meats that make me vomit and then there is milk which makes me vomit.

  6. Hi I just found you and I never been so interested in someone who had this trait in them, I find myself so curious about this disorder more and more and you have help me so much to learn more about it, I would love to one day talk to you or anyone of you.

  7. Wow Veestro, you eat for 2 months for 200$? I need to try it as soon as I get another paycheck. I rly wanna go vegan again( wasnt rly vegan, I ate mostly cheese only lol) , but here its so expensive AND its so unhealthy. Oh my god I need to buy a giant freezer.

  8. Reality is that veganism is a thing that is possible. Everything else is denial out of not wanting to give up luxury, although they dont wanna accept that veganism is very tasteful too. We wanna take down slave owners, ppl who are rich and not helping poor, selfish people, but we are doing the same thing for a little bit of different taste. Every problem comes from an ego. They brainwash us with help of our egos since birth that humans are supreme, that we can do whatever as long as we dont do it to humans, humans this humans that. Humans are gonna kill the planet and everything on it, we are so close to it. Its really easy to wake up from the illusion they wanna keep us in, it just takes once in a lifetime usage of brain and free will and being open minded, just for a minute and then there is no going back. Reality is that we are living in hell and we are not aware of it, but if this planet endures long enough we will awake in soon future and things will change. I will do what I can to push, to help, to aware and save during my lifetime and hope for the future where we exist as living beings, not walking holograms.

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