Irish Kush CBD Review

Here is a little review/preview of #IrishKush from @FarmLough distributed by @hempture Let me know if you’ve tried it yet, and your thoughts on #IrishKush and …


  1. Im from spain, and to be honest that bud doesn't not look healthy at all, looks like some infeccion has got the plant whilst growth + no crisrals, not manicured properly.. I think does types of bud cause more harm fiscally (lung problems "infection, more preceptive of getting a cold…" + prize… Ive seen 50g for 400€, ripp off, here black market 50 no more than 150€ and in cannabis clubs here (strictly legal, to some point) dont expect to pay more than 180-200€, and flower is 5-10€/g, such a ripp off, its VERY VERY LOW Quality any good thing about it is that i liked the vid!! Interesting to see how government try to make a market out of something that they have tried to hide them selves for decades, great vid keep on the work

  2. I tried this and wasn't a fan of it. Has an after taste off it, other strains like Pineapple express and blueberry kush are way nicer to smoke and have a nicer effect these can be got in CBD Ireland their stuff is grown in Luxembourg plus their buds are 3.5 for 30 euros its way cheaper.

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